Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Away from home

I'm away at the moment at the wonderful Oxford Summer School. Lots of different art / craft courses to chose from. I'm doing a 5 day textiles one with Angie Hughes.

Was thinking last night about what I might do for last 2 days here when we will be working on our own projects. Would like to make something for the Stroud book group - theme is Enclosure. Remembered a sketch I did some time ago when out walking of fields enclosed by hedges. Then thought of Inclosure Acts of 18thC & looked them up. So might amalgamate the two. And also tie in to class theme of Vanishing Worlds as the ancient way of everyone having access to common land was swept away when the land was stolen by the rich, & enclosed.

So, proposing to make field boundaries out of translucent lutredur - strips that are joined into rings. Then enclose these with much heavier & darker coloured pelmet vilene to represent the act of enclosure. Onto these rings I want to print some of the text from the Inclosure Act. Not sure how I will do this when I don't have access to a printer here. Either will have to write it or it will just have to be a sample to try out the idea & finish it when I go home.

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