Saturday, 29 April 2017


New batch of altered postcards ready to go out to the other BB members. We're altering postcards from our last exhibition then sending them round to be altered again several times. They will all be shown at our next exhibition in September this year, some of which will be available to visitors to take away and alter themselves which in turn will go into the exhibition next year.

Friday, 28 April 2017

New project

All excited today at the thought of a new project! Not much time to complete it. Stroud Artist Books are taking part in the SVA Open Studios shortly and we are all making some printing blocks out of ordinary rubbers. The idea being that each visitor to the open studios will be given a little pass book that they can fill with stamped images as they go round. The rubber stamps have to be made by next week. So this morning on the walk I collected a selection of tiny new spring leaves from bushes and trees. They seemed really small but I've struggled to find rubbers large enough. I thought I'd print them and make those into little books for the SAB stand at the Baltic that is also coming up.