Monday, 8 May 2017

More dyeing

The other day I found these pieces of cloth and some papers still tied into bundles in the steamer in our shed. They've been steamed again, soaked in vinegar and then washed in the machine. They were bundles I wrapped in August 2015 according to the labels! Just hadn't got round to steaming them. The plant material like golden rod, bramble etc were rather dried out but I thought I'd give them a go but then forgot about them again. So, in places the rusty objects have eaten through the cloth. But I think they may be just what I need for next months SAB book as the theme is Boro - a Japanese term for patched and layered, mended and recycled textiles. Mostly they are blue from indigo dyeing but I think we saw brown ones in the London exhibition a few years ago.

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