Monday, 15 May 2017

Paper cutting workshop

I spent the weekend at a paper cutting workshop with Sarah Morpeth at Sue Brown's yard studio in Cheltenham. First we practised cutting random shapes then we made simple book structures to cut into. (I did one on white paper with a watery theme & the other on black paper of a night flying owl). On Sunday we created more complicated paper cut books. They had multiple pages and we were able to incorporate flying birds, bees or butterflies on wires. Mine is 'Cat among the pigeons' - it's a bit hard to photograph. Other people did flowers, flames, canna lilies etc that were coloured with gouache or air brushed. One person made her book out of an old map.


  1. They look beautiful! Cat Among the Pigeons looks worthy of being in that book I got you.

  2. These are fantastic - I look forward to you making more! Bath exhibition theme?