Friday, 12 May 2017

Still life

At the drawing class the other day we were doing a still life, looking in particular at the ellipses of the crockery. We had to set up construction lines to help us get more even shapes and draw all the object outlines one over the other. After doing several pencil drawings I decided to try it in fabric & stitch using the scraps that I'd taken with me that day. I did the construction lines in a thin sewing thread & the outlines of the objects in a thicker thread. Each object had its own scrap of fabric & these were layered up.
Whilst with a pencil drawing you can go over & over the rounded shapes and then thicken up on the line you want it's much harder in hand stitch. To just cast yourself off out into the expanse of cloth is quite daunting! Yes, I know I could have unpicked lines & restitched them but I didn't want to do that. It was an interesting exercise.

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